Election War Room

Sector 17E chandigarh

Election WAR ROOM is significant. Its where we center around all the campaign by utilizing all available cost effective media like Outdoor, Billboards, wall painting, LED or video vans, Booth Management, display vans, Print media, electronic media and cinema advertising, competitors and likewise plan the procedure for what's to come Our ground knowledge group spread each voter in you get together. We create methodologies that help to win decisions.

To establish a political war room, we require PCs, Information Examiner, Tool Architects, and Employees. We help the contestant to arrange everything in their ideal premises. we have the experts core team for decision making for all Online media campaigns. This is the major section of political election campaign management process.

Make Strategy To Improve Productivity

Make Strategy To Improve Productivity It helps you to plan the strategies with Analyze, reports, presentable photographs and also the campaign aspects for the better representation of your party.

Applicant Campaigns Monitor

We will monitor media campaigns and also track opposition activates and use them activates for negative campaigning. frequently thewhich shapes media inclusion and the crusade message at the point.

Track adversary online Activity and analyst

We will track adversary analytics to improve your campaign and use voters turn-out through Analytical Data. The process of campaigning is the basic step, and this is done expertly in the election war room itself.

Attend and publish all Rally

We will attend all rallies local as well as major and publish necessary details with media and social media then Viral rallies in Constituency. We will provide you all stuff to arrange audience for rallies.

Save your campaning data

We will save your all data war room data on systems and media platforms. We offer transparent strategies and follow practices From knowledge sharing to reporting, we maintain everything on the cloud to make sure clients also know what we have to offer.

Social Media Management

We will manage all your social media events, creative, system data news feeds and blogs. we will try to avooid that material on social media which is not match with community standards.

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